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  • Audit & Assurance

    Kane & Company, P.A. provides assurance on the financial performance and operation of your business. Whether it's regulatory compliance, business...

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  • Wealth Preservation

    After client spend countless hours securing income and seeking out investments to accumulate wealth, Kane & Company, P.A. wants to...

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  • Tax Compliance

    Kane & Company, P.A. assists corporate executives, business owners and high net worth individuals seeking comprehensive tax advice. It offers...

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Estate and Trusts

There are a multitude of services provided in the Estate and Trusts area including planning, administration, guidance and support to family members and their other professional advisors.
The Firm works closely with individuals to develop estate plans that provide for protection of assets, access to those assets during life, distribution of assets according to the client’s wishes upon death, and the reduction of the costs of probate and estate and inheritance taxes.

Litigation Support & Forensic Accounting

Kane & Company, P.A. possesses the experience and credentials recognized by attorneys and business professionals. State-of-the-art technology is strategically utilized to create effective and efficient solutions to dispute resolution matters.
Services include: Damage and Loss Profits Analysis, Expert Testimony, Matrimonial Dispute Resolution, Business Dispute Resolution, Forensic Accounting/Investigative, Fraud Investigation.

Deferred Compensation

Kane & Company, P.A. provides independent analysis of your current benefit programs and recommends enhancements to keep you up-to-date with the latest design concepts.
The Firm identifies opportunities to reduce benefit costs or enhance services to employees. The Firm monitors trends and changes in legal requirements to help you stay current. Kane & Company work with an array of group benefits: Short-term disability benefits, Long-term care insurance, Life insurance, Voluntary benefits, 403(b)/401(k)/401(a) retirement plans, 475(b) deferred compensation plans for highly compensated employees.

Financial Planning

No matter your level of income or wealth, everyone needs a financial plan. Whether you want to maximize the return on investments, pay off your credit cards, gain control of your financial situation, buy your first home or save for retirement, you need a plan.
At every income level, there are steps you can take to make more efficient use of your assets, and Kane and Company is ready to assist you ensuring a secure financial future. The Firm will help develop well-defined goals and to map out appropriate strategies to turn your dreams into reality.

Family Office Practice

The Firm provides a wide array of services for clients on the go, from the business professional embracing international opportunities to the retiree reaping the rewards of unencumbered travel.
Dedicated professionals assist in managing day-to-day cash flow, design and implement sophisticated financial plans, work with property managers, arrange for domestic help, ensure bills are paid, and a multitude of other tasks; but most importantly, they provide peace of mind to hard-working gratified clients.

Business Valuation

Kane & Company, P.A. specializes in working with owners of business of all sizes. Accurate values are needed to ensure a fair and reasonable price for business transactions and to meet tax and financial reporting requirements.
The Firm’s valuation team will perform appraisals to suit your business needs, including valuations for pre-acquisition due diligence, federal income tax and financial reporting, accurate fixed asset record, property tax and insurance reporting.